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Solving Real Industry Problems, Building Freshers with 2 Years of Experience

This program enables the industry to share their problem needs wants and challenges. Mentors and professionals can find deserving consultancy opportunities, to encash their skills and knowledge. 

The "Business Solution Polyclinic Program" provides equal opportunity for growth and revenue generation for every stakeholder.

Trained interns and institutes support the industry in accelerating the process of problem-solving.  The industry can find multiple solution providers. Institutes can find joint research opportunities. Students learn from experience to build employability skills.

Business Solution Polyclinic Program

Innovation is the key, we need more job creators. The objective of this initiative is to support researchers and innovators in transforming their ideas into commercially viable business ventures.

Opportunity for Institutes, Innovators, Researchers, Industry, and Investors to be part of a sustainable innovation eco-system.

Every participant shall get access to the start-up ignition program and guided mentoring session to prepare for the final innovation exhibit presentation and qualify for seed funding.

Establishing Incubation Centers for Institutes, Supporting technology commertialisation

Innovation Ignition Initiative

Groups and Forums Lead by Experienced Mentors and Masters, Sharing Knowledge and Experience.

Fostering creativity, collaboration, and the development of innovative ideas and solutions. Bringing together individuals with a shared interest in exploring and promoting innovation.

Forums and Groups led by experienced mentors and masters discuss topics of your interest and learn from their experience.

Collaborative brainstorming discussion sessions aimed at solving problems or creating new products and services, by experts mentors, and masters from diverse backgrounds.

Innovation Club

We believe every growth stage start-up has its unique needs and requirements. The Start-Up support program is systematically structured to fulfill each start-up's needs

Enabling Start-Ups and innovators to transform their business ideas into successful business ventures 

Every start-up is nurtured through "Idea-Resonator, Idea Accelerator, Start-Up accelerator, and Investor meet till they successfully graduate from the program. 

Nurturing Start-Ups to Qualify for Funding and Scale-Up.

Start-Up Support

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