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Business Solution Polyclinic Program

This program enables the industry to share their problem needs wants and challenges. Mentors and professionals can find deserving consultancy opportunities, to encash their skills and knowledge. 

Solving Real Industry Problems. Empowering Industry to Develop Affordable and Sustainable Products and Services.
Building Freshers With 2 Years of Experience. Pool of Skilled, Employable, and Retainable Workforce for Industry.

Simple Steps:

  1. Expression of Interest for Participation by Institute, Industry, and Mentors.  (Registration on Portal.)

  2. Updation of Profile, Goals, and Priority by Institute, Industry, and Mentors.

  3. Audio Introduction for the Podcast by Each Entity.

  4. Self-Paced Mentor Induction to Qualify as Certified Empanneled Mentor. (For Faculty and Mentors)

Participation Stage - I
(6 to 8 Weeks)

Simple Steps:

  1. Industry Connect Program Access to the Willing and Interested Students.

  2. Guided Mentoring Sessions From Certified Empaneled Mentors.

  3. Sharing Innovation by Researchers and Innovators.

  4. Capturing, Articulating, Documenting and Digitisation of Real Industry Problems. 

  5. Problem statement validation by industry.

Participation Stage - II
(6 to 8 Weeks)

Simple Steps:

  1. Response by Mentors, Professionals, and Students for Solving Industry Problems.

  2. Innovation and Solution Proposal Access to Industry, for Choosing the Best Fit Solution / Partner.

  3. Grooming of Students by Industry Mentors for Solving Industry Problems (Industry Readiness Program)

  4. Access of Skilled and Employable Graduate Pool for Industry internships and jobs.

Participation Stage - III
(16 to 24 Weeks)

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