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MACCIA Innovation Centre

Contact:; WhatsApp +91 8956064920



Innovators and

Start-Ups Through Investor Network.


Skilled, Employable Workforce Through Industry Network

Choose Any Role of Your Interest

Achieve Your Priority Goals and Milestones

Goal 1: 

Share problems, find multiple solutions, save costs, and increase profits.

Goal 2: 

Identify, incubate, and nurture innovative ideas, in line with business interests, and initiate quality incubation center.

Goal 3: 

Commercialize /sell and buy technology through partner networks. Share and encash idle resources. Achieve resource mobilization.

Goal 4: 

Human resource development and talent acquisition. Skilling, re-skilling, and up-skilling. Build and access the best-fit human resource.



MACCIA Innovation Center ( is positioned to interconnect, Academic institutions, young minds, Government, Industry bodies, Corporate, Research labs, Business incubators, Investors, and Mentors. Every stake holder has an equal opportunity to contribute and fetch benefits of mutual interest. it is creating a truly unified innovation ecosystem for building entrepreneurial mindset and nurturing skills to match industry expectations. The focus of our initiative is to build a pool of solution providers that shall contribute to building a healthy nation. With the thrust area of "Manufacturing for Make in India', it is positioning strongly to support institutes, innovators, and SMEs across the region. 


To build an Eco-system for every stakeholder, enabling them to share problems and complement each-other in solving the problems. One of the aim is to transform young graduates from "Job seekers to Job creators" and transform "Answer providers to Solution providers", This is an effort to engage unemployed youths in building sustainable, affordable and saleable products & solutions locally through active engagement of Industry and Society, It is designed to bring all stakeholders (Young minds / graduates, Industry experts / mentors, Academic institutes, Industry, Society, Investors and Government) using technology to address the challenges of respective stakeholders.

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